MUFFLER Ford Tractor DHPN5230A

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  • Item #: DHPN5230A
  • Manufacturer: Ford
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DHPN5230A
  • Condition: New
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DHPN5230A Ford Tractor MUFFLER

29.00" long overall.

Body is 5-7/8"OD x 17-1/4" long, only has one expansion slot and 1 hole .25"ID and .50" center hole to end.

Inlet 1.88"ID x 2.00"OD x 4.50" long.

Outlet 1.83"ID x 2.00"OD x 7.00" long.

This is a new OEM Ford/CNH Muffler DHPN5230A.